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We at SNI, do not just "sell" products, we are available to consult, to assist in product selection, and are available to assist in employee, or client-training.

We are proud to be of service to:

Coal Production

  • Anti-freeze agents for shipping
  • Dust Control - Surface and “IN” - Mine Environments

Asphalt Manufacturers

  • Asphalt Release Agent
  •     » Transportation
        » Installation Equipment
        » Roller - Vibratory/static

Agricultural / Horticultural Growers

  • “Organic” - superabsorbent Polymers

Site Contractors

  • Excavators / Road Builders
  •     » Dust Control
        » Soil Stabilizers

Deicing Clients

  • Municipality - State D.O.T., County’s
  • Snow Plow Contractors
  • Commercial Health - Insurance - Education Facility Maintenance Departments

Oil Well Production

  • Gel - polymer Well Technology
  •     » Increase oil - BOD / Decrease water

By offering the finest, environmentally sound products, with unequalled efficacy, both liquid and granular, all which assists in the solutions in winter operations.

For our distributor/dealers, we assist in sales strategies, and are available for "key client" meetings, to present in program form our products - uses - benefits, to increase sales in those product lines.

Please contact us for criteria in your becoming a SNI Product Dealer.



SNI, began in 1955, with Steve Bellovics, (1919-1995) starting Steve’s Nursery, a landscape company serving residential clients.

In 1966 Steve moved to a twelve acre farm on the west side of Geneseo, IL. This allowed growing nursery stock - for retail and wholesale, and expanding into a garden center with complete landscape services.

In 1982, Black Hawk Helicopters, expanded services to our agriculture clients with crop dusting for seed growers and commercial farmers. Usually June through August were “off months” - and added activities were profitable. Now we look forward to “flying” as an added resource for technology in fluids, and application.

1988 was our expansion into Construction Group Ltd., offering site construction services, from excavation to concrete, and underground utilities. It was necessary then to eliminate sub-contractors, and added a “One - Contractor” capability to all our landscape and construction projects.

Since 2003, we not only were introduced to De-icing as an added sales area, but we were fortunate to qualify as a licensed manufacturer of the finest liquid and granular products available for winter operations.

2005 Allowed us to expand our product line to include products for Construction, Oil Field Operations, Agriculture and Horticulture, and Mining.

We are proud of our past, and look forward to our future, with continued efforts to add quality products that serve you, our clients.

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